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Micropubs Real AleMicropubs and micro breweries are springing up all over the UK.

Micropubs.co.uk is an online directory offering low cost web services for micropubs and micro breweries who want to use the internet to promote their premises and beers to a wider audience.

Our site has very simple objectives:

1] To build an online directory of micropubs throughout the UK to make it easy for people to locate them.

2] To provide a cost effective platform for micropubs to use the internet to promote their premises.

3] To provide a cost effective platform for micro breweries to promote their beers, so that micropub landlords and their customers know about them.

On the same basis that micropubs are able to strip down their overheads to purely what is necessary to provide great beer served in a warm ambience, our web services are stripped down so we can provide micropubs and micro breweries with what they need in order to cost effectively use the Internet to promote themselves and to communicate.

Micropubs & Micro Breweries Directories

The Micropubs and Micro Breweries Directories are in their infancy, but getting listed is FREE. Complete our online form and get listed NOW.

Place a Banner Ad here for just £50 plus VAT per month

If you are a Micropub or Micro Brewery and want to advertise here on our home page, you can do so for just £50 plus VAT per month.

Just complete the online form, and we'll set your advert up. Just choose "Home Page Advert" from the choice fields and we will send you a login and password so you can upload your own content to this area. We send you a recurring monthly invoice by email and it's automatically charged to your credit/debit card. There's no minimum monthly run, you can cancel whenever you want to.


Web Services for Micropubs & Breweries

If you want to really use the 'net to help promote your Micropub or Micro Brewery you can set up your own FREE 3 page web site.

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